Indian Seafood News

Seafood Industry has been contributing to our economy in a big way. However, we are most often not updated with adequate and timely information thereby pushing us ages back in our growth path. In this era of technological advancement, we believe that a collective effort can bring all required information in one place, quickly accessible and thus promote the business manifold.  (ISN)  is the first step towards the above-mentioned goal. This is the one and only Indian Seafood News Portal with an objective to Share the News and Explore Business Prospects.  (ISN)  will be a one-stop window to quickly share and access all information on Seafood Industry except the market prices.

The fully functional version of the portal will feature the following:

  1. Reference for the Export and Import documentation, Labels and Payment Instruments
  2. Trade Sources worldwide
  3. International Quality Parameters
  4. Information on upcoming Trade Shows across the globe
  5. Announcement on Upcoming Events, Workshops and Training Programs – Regional and Global
  6. Views from the Industry Pioneers all over the world
  7. List of Exporters, Agents and Representatives of the Buyers
  8. Info on Seafood and related businesses
  9. Info on Farms and Best Practices
  10. Seafood Industry Job Postings & Requirements
  11. Commemorating the contributions by the stalwarts in Seafood Industry
  12. Open Forum/Letters to Editor to seek advice on Seafood Industry related issues from experts
  13. Complaints & Suggestions with genuine posts and explanation on issues
  14. Links and Cross-references:
    1. Links to access worldwide food websites
    2. Links to popular Industry websites worldwide including MPEDA, SEAI, InfoFish..etc
    3. Links to embassies worldwide
  15. News from diverse sources and members – the portal is designed for crowd-sourcing. Unlike other news sites, permits any member to post relevant news that would benefit the author as well as the readers. [The news content will be moderated by a committee, to avoid unacceptable languages/content]